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nightdevotion's Journal

fear my squee

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Intro: To introduce myself, my name’s Andrea and I’m addicted to Supernatural. Not addicted (per se)…as there is nothing to prescribe for it – just a little obsessed. Oh well. I recently moved from up north down to Florida – where it seems to rain all year long! I’m a nurse, but photography is my passion – though I seem to suck at editing with Photoshop. Besides my family and work, I love writing fan fiction and viding. There are so many talented writers out there; unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

Beliefs/Preferences: Starting with beliefs, I’m a born-again Christian. I believe in every line of the Bible…and try to influence others – unfortunately, the Word doesn’t often come through in my fics.
My preferences (dealing with fanfiction), revolve mostly around the limpness of Sam. The kid is sweet, but you just gotta love hurting him. And when you get hurt!Sam, you get a protective!Dean. See the packaged deal? …Writing that is not my strongpoint (once again!)…I seem to be better at humor.
Oh, and I like country music and stay in-tuned with that community. Some of it is depressing. Okay, really, really depressing. But then there are the Rascal Flatts – and Paisley, who is so much better online.

Need textures? Go here: http://community.livejournal.com/neondistrict/